Going home

There are number of things you will need to consider when it is time for you to be discharged from hospital and return home.

  • Make sure you have your transport home from hospital arranged in advance.
  • If necessary, ask a friend or relative to make sure your heating has been turned on before you go home, and that you have some food in your house to keep you going.  
  • Consider if you will need a friend or relative to assist you when you first go home, e.g., with dressing/bathing. If you were receiving care or services at home before your admission to hospital, make sure the service provider knows when you are being discharged.
  • Do you need a medical certificate for your employer? Your doctor will be able to provide this.

On the day you are discharged, make sure you have all the correct information about managing your condition/injury at home:

  • If you have a wound, do you know how to care for it?
  • If you have been prescribed medication, are you are clear about how to take it? (i.e., how often and for how long). Make sure you take your prescription with you.
  • You may need an outpatient appointment for further treatment, or so your doctor can review your condition – make this before you leave.
  • Do you know who to contact at the hospital if you have any problems following discharge?
  • You should be given a letter for your GP when you are discharged, which will summarise the treatment you received while at the hospital.


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