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COVID close contact health staff back to work (13-01-2021)
Concern about ED care in the future (08-06-2020)
Public-private hospital agreement reached (31-03-2020)
2,000 hospital beds needed in next two years (20-01-2020)
HSE apologises for ED overcrowding (07-01-2020)
Government has "betrayed" patients and staff (16-10-2019)
Consultants agree to meet Dept of Health (03-10-2019)
Hospital patients facing "chaotic" winter - IMO (25-09-2019)
Urgent Care Centre for children opens (26-07-2019)
Thousands of nurses on strike (28-01-2019)
Overwhelming capacity problems in health service (07-01-2019)
Hospitals not dealing with complaints properly (14-11-2018)
Trolley figures could hit 1,000 this winter (17-09-2018)
6,800+ patients on trolleys in June (02-07-2018)
Concern over pressures facing health staff (05-03-2018)
Hospital waiting lists 'out of control' (20-07-2017)
Children waiting up to five years for eye care (23-03-2016)
ED nurses to be balloted on industrial action (04-11-2015)
7,700+ patients on trolleys during May (12-06-2015)
ED patients 'will die' due to overcrowding (06-01-2015)
Root causes of self-harm must be tackled (09-10-2014)
Revamp planned for non-hospital care (08-10-2014)
HSE figs 'confirm patients are suffering' (24-09-2014)
Irish drinking well above OECD average (02-07-2014)
Shock report on mental care suicides (24-06-2014)
Medical card policy - then and now (17-06-2014)
Govt approves scheme to return cards (17-06-2014)
PAC chair wants health chiefs to resign (12-06-2014)
HSE had surplus of 31m last year (12-06-2014)
Govt halts medical card reviews (29-05-2014)
Medical card cut plan hits legal snag (29-05-2014)
Cancer patients hit by medical card cuts (19-05-2014)
Waiting lists on upward spiral again (15-04-2014)
HSE says 1.6m in top ups should end (14-04-2014)
HSE may outsource admin work (06-04-2014)
Finance control issues at homecare firm (03-04-2014)
HSE ultimatum on private practice (31-03-2014)
Health now 'doing less with less' (31-03-2014)
Shock findings in HSE agency audit (19-02-2014)
Two hospitals face fines over top-ups (14-02-2014)
Patients taken off waiting list 'in error' (13-02-2014)
Hospital filled CEO post without approval (04-02-2014)
Hospitals facing massive cuts (31-01-2014)
Service will struggle to meet demands-HSE (14-01-2014)
Cancer hospital chiefs got charity top-ups (09-01-2014)
Vincent's CEO gets nearly 300,000 (24-12-2013)
St Vincent's still tight-lipped on top-ups (20-12-2013)
HSE targets 1bn in cuts/savings (18-12-2013)
Ex-CRC chief got lump sum from charity (11-12-2013)
HSE denies it knew about CRC top-ups (03-12-2013)

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